Building the first Global supply chain solution for Gym Equipment.

Providing OEM Fitness Solutions to Franchisors and Distributors across the World.

Providing OEM Fitness Solutions to Franchisors and Distributors across the World

We're engineering a new approach to gym fitouts with an all-in-one supply and logistics chain that rapidly deploys Custom & Co-Branded equipment to each of your club's locations.
Leverage our experience in global trade to scale your fitness brand faster and more predictably with our streamlined equipment order and delivery service.
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The Aussie Strength Story

Started over ten years ago, AUSSIE STRENGTH was created in 2009 to provide highly effective functional training tools to the Australian defence force.

Andy Taylor spent five years serving the elite parachute infantry battalion of 3rar before founding the company. Having lived with the expectation of Australian infantry soldiers to be fit and ready for any combat or physical situation all year round, he knew exactly what they needed.

Sprinting, running and marching long distances while carrying heavy loads, swimming long distances while wearing uniforms and boots, climbing ropes, parachuting from planes, and of course fighting and defending positions all constitute functional fitness at it’s most demanding - requiring not just strength, speed, stamina, but unwavering determination to succeed.

For the last few years of his service, Andy was in charge of training over one hundred infantry soldiers, keeping up their demanding fitness levels and making sure they were ready for any physical task that was required of them.

Frustrated with a lack of functional fitness tools that were effective and mobile, he started designing and producing his own. With nothing more than a maxed out credit card and a Sydney garage, AUSSIE STRENGTH was born.

By using kettlebells, plyometric boxes, gymnastics rings, barbells, bumper plates, suspension trainers and other functional fitness equipment that AUSSIE STRENGTH had manufactured, the fitness of his fellow soldiers improved. The results were dramatic - the soldiers using the new tools saw considerable improvements in strength, stamina, flexibility and power.

Once the word got out, demand for the tools grew fast. More soldiers than ever were getting their hands on AUSSIE STRENGTH equipment. We aggressively expanded, welcoming Gavin to our management, bringing six years of CrossFit® coaching experience including ongoing work with CrossFit® HQ and level three certified crossfit® trainer certification to the company, as well as employing fellow veterans to run the rapidly growing warehouse.

AUSSIE STRENGTH has grown from twenty products in a garage to over one thousand products in our Sydney warehouse. We’ve taken on new staff from diverse backgrounds and helped create thousands of facilities both at home and abroad, and continue to work with some of the biggest names in the business to fit out their gyms with our range of heavy-duty performance equipment.

  • 2011Genesis Fitness

    Aussie Strength begin their wholesale fitness equipment journey with Genesis Fitness, helping opening multiple clubs with John Pirlo on the east coast of Australia.

  • 2012Defence Force

    We work closely with the Defence to modernize their strength and conditioning programs used in solider group training. Developed solutions for group training zones.

  • 2012Crunch Gym

    Start working with World Gym Australia, and start development plans for a new premium rig system.

  • 2013World Gym Australia

    Start working with World Gym Australia, and start development plans for a new premium rig system.

  • 2014Golds Gym

    Help Golds Gym Australia with their functional group training class GOLDSFIT, and the Golds Gym Australia franchise launch, launching new clubs around Australia.

  • 2015Sydney Swans

    We start working with Sydney Swans closely redeveloping their functional training zone, Olympic lifting platforms, and Valkyrie prototypes.

  • 2016The Valkyrie Rig

    After years of research, we launch Valkyrie to market. Cali Parks and Bridge Rigs soon followed.

  • 2017Arsenal, Prime and Maxxbench

    Sign Arsenal, Prime and Maxxbench as exclusive distributors in Australia.

  • 201898 Riley Street

    Help 98 Riley Street Gym with their conversion, and install all new Valkyrie Rigs, and speciality bars, dead balls, and our comprehensive functional training zone.

In just Ten Years, we've become Australia's first choice for Fitness Equipment.

World Gym
Genesis Fitness
Snap Fitness
Gold's Gym
300+ Studios

We've already supplied complete fitouts to gyms across South East Asia, and with Elite facilities in locations as remote as East Timor, the proof is in the product.
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Industry Proven

Australia's leading Fitness Industry entrepreneurs swear by Aussie Strength.

"In our experience, the steel and design of Valkyrie is of far greater quality than the rigs we have been supplied in the past"
David Noonan - Snap Fitness Franchisee - 12 Locations
"They've helped me build over a dozen gyms in the past 12 months alone. Their commitment to service, speed and turnaround times as well as their passion for equipment quality and continued innovation astounds me."
Todd Howard - Owner at TBH Group - 24 Locations
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For Franchisors

Premium designs. Your brand.

Now you can access world-class strength and weight training equipment - and stamp your brand on everything. With a massive range of premium gear, our Global OEM Solutions team can provide your Franchise with every piece of training gear you need.

For Brands

All-premium, drop-shipped gym fitouts.

Expand your equipment empire with dominating drop-ship packages. Our OEM Equipment program empowers your company to leverage our buying power to sell premium gym equipment packages. Deliver whole fitouts to your clients with ease and certainty.

Access A Massive Range of Equipment

Strength & Conditioning

Professional grade Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Bumper Plates - all stamped with your brand.

Strength Gear

Weightlifting Machines

Premium Weight Machines in a massive range, with customizable branding, colours and instruction plates.

Weight Machines

Racks & Rigs

The world's most innovative racking system, engineered to perfection and available in your colour.

Plate Loaded Strength Equipment

Huge range of Equipment

Plate Loaded Strength Equipment

Customizable Branding

Plate Loaded Strength Equipment

Fast and Secure Delivery

Rubber Gym Flooring

Protect your equipment from drop damage and deliver a responsive, tactile floor to clients. Introducing 100% Recycled Rubber Armadillo® Flooring systems.

Centurion Weight Machines

Deliver an outstanding premium series of weight machines to your facilities with a massive range of BeyondFitness Centurion machines.

Forge Series Benches

Hammered from the toughest Iron, Forge Series benches build a legacy of unbreakable strength. Combine them with our custom dumbbell platform for the ultimate weightlifting experience.

Cardio Equipment Range

Stregth and Fitness go hand in hand, and we couldn't leave Cardio in the dark. Fit out your facilities with BeyondCommercial equipment to get your members sweating.

Racks and Training Rigs

Train in groups or alone on high tech, weatherproof structural-grade rigs and racks from VALKYRIE® Rigs. With high tech construction and superior design specifications, they're the best system out there.

High Density EVA Gear

Jump, stretch and roll with certainty. TechFoam EVA gear gives you the highest quality of firm, rigid and resilient foam to ensure safety and quality for years to come.

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