Providing OEM Fitness Solutions to Franchisors and Distributors across the World.

Gym Supply Chain Solution

Centralised storage and consolidated freight for instant worldwide gym deployment

We've built the world's first centralized storage and freight facility, making almost instant gym equipment deployments possible.

Your days of managing multiple suppliers and freight forwarders are finally over.

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How Our Equipment Supply Chain Works

Place your Equipment Order

Use our innovative ordering system to order a gym fitout complete with Flooring, Weight Machines, Cardio Gear and Functional Training Equipment. Use templates and suggested layouts to streamline the ordering process.

We pack and ship your order

Your order is received directly at our Centralized Storage and Freight Facility, where it is rapidly packed for international freight. Customized or Co-Branded equipment is rapidly manufactured or supplied from pre-agreed stock levels.

Equipment is received at location

Your equipment arrives in easily managed freight containers, ready for installation. Because we ship everything you need to open your gym instantly, from flooring to branded protein shakers, you won't be left in the dark without a critical piece of gear.

Install and Open

Once your equipment is installed and bolted down, the location is ready to open. No waiting for additional equipment to arrive, no more phone calls, and no more excuses from multiple suppliers that have let you down and cost you money.
Plan every detail with just one supplier.
Don't miss a single detail with our pre-built layouts.

World leaders in Equipment Transport

All your equipment is freighted a single, prearranged shipment for maximum deliverability

Fitting out gyms with Aussie Strength Global® is easy. We manage every part of the process, so all you have to do is place your order.

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Access A Massive Range of Equipment

Strength & Conditioning

Professional grade Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Bumper Plates - all stamped with your brand.

Strength Gear

Weightlifting Machines

Premium Weight Machines in a massive range, with customizable branding, colours and instruction plates.

Weight Machines

Racks & Rigs

The world's most innovative racking system, engineered to perfection and available in your colour.

Plate Loaded Strength Equipment

Huge range of Equipment

Plate Loaded Strength Equipment

Customizable Branding

Plate Loaded Strength Equipment

Fast and Secure Delivery

Rubber Gym Flooring

Protect your equipment from drop damage and deliver a responsive, tactile floor to clients. Introducing 100% Recycled Rubber Armadillo® Flooring systems.

Centurion Weight Machines

Deliver an outstanding premium series of weight machines to your facilities with a massive range of BeyondFitness Centurion machines.

Forge Series Benches

Hammered from the toughest Iron, Forge Series benches build a legacy of unbreakable strength. Combine them with our custom dumbbell platform for the ultimate weightlifting experience.

Cardio Equipment Range

Stregth and Fitness go hand in hand, and we couldn't leave Cardio in the dark. Fit out your facilities with BeyondCommercial equipment to get your members sweating.

Racks and Training Rigs

Train in groups or alone on high tech, weatherproof structural-grade rigs and racks from VALKYRIE® Rigs. With high tech construction and superior design specifications, they're the best system out there.

High Density EVA Gear

Jump, stretch and roll with certainty. TechFoam EVA gear gives you the highest quality of firm, rigid and resilient foam to ensure safety and quality for years to come.

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